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Transitional Housing Initiative

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Post 2008 ALR has signed up to provide a meal and night supervisor for 2 nights of the Transitional Housing Initiative (THI) and they are asking if the Post would like to take one of the nights. If you are interested in helping provide meals and/or being a night supervisor, please let Commander Chip Kossow know. He can be contacted at this email: or at 719-332-2793. Here's a description of THI: The Transitional Housing Initiative (THI) is 30-day program that starts the night of the Stand Down that takes 10 veterans and their families from homelessness or border line homelessness to temporary lodging (Hotel) to work intensively with case management, housing partners and employers to get the veterans and their families housed, working, and connected to other services they may need or require. Veterans will be vetted and background checks completed at the Stand Down then our Military, Veterans and Family Services (MVFS at Mt. Carmel) will vote on the participants that qualify and are selected. Staff work with participants to assess needs and work with the client to get them employed, housing, and any other resources needed along the way. Clients are housed in the hotel for 30 days and meals are provided. Clients will be connected to partner agencies to get housed, connected to transportation via donated vehicles or bus passes, applying for benefits and services (VA benefits, SNAP benefits, Medicaid, and Medicare, and help with resumes and finding gainful employment, and help with getting into housing with financial assistance. Clients will be active with Case Managers for up to 1 year after Employment and Housing is secured. Classes are Mandatory unless they have Employment secured, Appointments, or Housing secured: Resume Workshop Linked in Workshop Mock Interview Practice Job Fair/Hiring Event (Employers invited will be hiring Immediately, Interviews on site) VA Representatives to file Claims and or Appeals The last 2 years the success rate has been 85-90% and even 9 months later the success rate is 75%. 2022 THI spent $35,0000 and in 2021 THI expenses were $32, 0000. THI helps get veterans off the streets and out of shelters by making them stable and self-sufficient. Participants will meet with the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center Financial Counselor and each client will work a budget and meet with Housing resources

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